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Extraordinary Investment Intelligence.

Embarking on the vast ocean of global quantitative hedge funds, Sentinel DeepActive is a deep active alpha startup, relentlessly pursuing alpha through AI-powered active investments.

Dear engineers, join us as we navigate uncharted territories of investment with a profound and captivating spirit, shaping the future of finance together.


Responsive not Predictive

At Sentinel DeepActive, we delve into the realm of responsive investments through the prowess of deep learning. With an uncanny ability to detect patterns across vast environments, deep learning reveals hidden opportunities. Embracing these strengths, we craft a Responsive investment AI, not a Predictive, adept at uncovering potential in this enigmatic sphere.

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Derivatives Trading AI

Sentinel DeepActive harbors a firm belief in the power of deep learning within the realm of derivative hedging, viewing it akin to a zero-sum game of chess or Go, where the win-lose outcome is absolute. We ascertain that the world of Transformer Deep Neural Networks is perfectly equipped to solve these kinds of challenges, and Sentinel is committed to creating a General AI capable of tackling this game without reliance on specific underlying assets or circumstances.

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Sentinel DeepActive embarks on a global voyage, relentlessly pursuing alpha through AI-driven active investing as a Deep Active Alpha Startup. Join us as we unveil a new horizon in the world of investing.

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