What we do & Why.


What we do.

If the investment battles of the past were waged between the minds of men, the future shall see the duels of deep learning engines. We are dedicated to pushing the frontiers of quant investing, crafting the grand story of AI-driven investment gurus with the power of deep learning at our core.

Why we do.

In 2022, Ken Griffin’s Citadel made $16bn profit for investors last year, the biggest dollar gain by a hedge fund in history. The time has come for the emergence of such global quant hedge funds in our nation. Global financial income ignites the economic stability of our nation. Focused on the most impactful yet challenging problems, we wield the power of deep learning technology to contribute to the prosperity of our nation.

Sentinel DeepActive embarks on a global voyage, relentlessly pursuing alpha through AI-driven active investing as a Deep Active Alpha Startup. Join us as we unveil a new horizon in the world of investing.

Update : 2023.07
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